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Venue: >>St. Bart's Great Hall.

More information:

  • February 15-17, 7:30pm.
  • February 18th, 5:00pm.
  • Previews February 14th.
  • >>Talk at the ICA, 1:30pm, February 17th.

Conceived by Margie Medlin in collaboration with

  • Stevie Wishart: musical director
  • Rebecca Hilton: choreographer
  • Holger Deuter (DNA 3d): animation / interactive / motion capture / real - time set
  • Gerald Thompson: motion control camera robot
  • Nick Rothwell: interface designer
Quartet is a dance, music and new-media performance that observes and articulates communication and perception of the human body. It will explore and create real-time relationships between music, the gesture of playing music, dance, robotics and animation.

The cast of Quartet comprises of a dancer, a musician, a motion controlled robotic camera, and a 3D virtual dancer. The virtual dancer will be projected into the performance space whilst the rest of the cast will perform on individual raised platforms, and an additional projection will show the real-time view point of the robotic camera. The performance will take place within a museum space so that in effect each performer becomes an exhibit through which to discover and contemplate. The audience of Quartet will be presented with a sensorial experience of movement and an understanding of the sophistication of human interaction through technology and performance.

At the core of Quartet is the exploration of how information travels from one body to another and the translations that occur in the process. Using interactive technologies a flexible framework will be created in order to pass information between the performers of Quartet which will be interpreted through the virtual dancer. The dancer will send information on movement to the motion control robot camera via sensors on the dancers body. The dancer will cause the virtual dancer to become animated via the motion control robot. The musician will also augment the movement of the virtual dancer through sound and gesture analysis. There will be no preconceived ideas as to how the virtual dancer should move, rather Quartet will explore the potential and push the boundaries of how interaction of different elements can be controlled in unforeseen ways.

Quartet will investigate what degree of realism in the virtual body can be observed through the live musician's and dancer's speech, gestures, sounds and movements, and what aspects make the virtual dancer become "human" and make the audience aware of this through their own suspension of disbelief.

The Quartet project is funded by a Sciart Production Award (2005-2006) from the Wellcome Trust in collaboration with the Physiological Laboratory, Cambridge University, where Stevie Wishart is working to implement the biomedical science of hearing in Quartet.

Quartet is co-produced with the Performance & Digital Media department of the ICA Institute of Contemporary Art, London.

Other funding partners include

  • The Arts Council of England
  • The New Media Board
  • International Community Partnerships and Market Development of the Australia Council for the Arts
  • The Arts Victoria Cultural Exchange program
With project support from For more information see the >>Quartet Web Site.
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