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Aural Codes

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>>Volkmar Klien: Concept, Production and Max/MSP
Nick Rothwell: Perl and Linux
Barriedale Operahouse: Administration
Michael Wieser: Wireless Serial Communication

'aural codes' rewires computer networks to am - radio.

it interpretes data streams of computer networks in the region as digital representations of sound and uses some of them as sound-sources, others as process-controls. the sound sources are fed into a dsp - blackbox controlled by the process-controls. additionally interactive gateways are spread over the local area (serial-sockets on street corners, etc.) giving the audience the chance to enhance their local bit of ubiquity.

thus a hybrid network of possibilities of influences is set up. the resulting stream of sonic events is modulated onto a carrier-frequency and broadcast via radio as a reassuringly meaningless noiseband hidden between all the other noises in the AM-range.

every sonic event is information and via the mediator energy-exchange, all information can become a sonic event.

'aural codes' is a hearing aid, a hearing aid for listening in its widest sense. something that originally cannot be heard is transposed into something that - without technical equipment - cannot be heard. -- Volkmar Klien.

More information from the >> Aural Codes website.

Recent Broadcasts

  • November 25th 2001 - January 14th 2002: local diffusion at Huddersfield Media Centre as part of the Huddersfield Contemporary music Festival.
  • October 24th - november 17th 2001: transmission as part of Digital Summer and Futuresonic from Idea's Dadi Building. Covered area: 2 miles radius around the Dadi building (Grosvenor St./Oxford Rd.) Transmission frequency: 1602 KHz (AM-radio).
  • September 26th - October 18th 2001: Transmission from Hoxton Hall (East London). Covered area: 2 miles around Hoxton Market. Transmission frequency: 1503 KHz (AM-radio).
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