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This is an archive page; the latest information is >>here.


4th-6th February: The Modular Music Box, >>Kinetica Art Fair, London.


7th December: ras goffa Bobby Sands, Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

13th November: ras goffa Bobby Sands, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds.

11th November: ras goffa Bobby Sands, DanceXchange, Birmingham.

26th September-2nd October: Different Skies, Arcosanti, Arizona.

26th-28th August: Simeon Nelson: Skyway, ToruĊ„, Poland.

6th-8th August: Projects/rasa (with >>pixelpusher), Cybersonica Swap Meet, >>Big Chill.

1st-4th July: Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company: Counterpoint, Somerset House, London.

11th-26th June: Xenakis Pavilion, >>Spitalfields Festival.

14th May: Eddie Ladd: ras goffa Bobby Sands, Coleg y Drindod Caerfyrddin.

11th May: Projects/rasa (double bill with Rob Godman), University of Hertfordshire.

28th April: Hidden Away Electronic, London.

10th April: Eddie Ladd: ras goffa Bobby Sands, >>Spring Loaded, >>The Place, London.

2nd-3rd April: Rachel Davies Film: Light Garden, Sadler's Wells, London.

4th-7th February: PEAL, >>Kinetica Art Fair, London.

5th February: Eddie Ladd: ras goffa Bobby Sands, >>British Dance Edition, Birmingham.


15th October: Eddie Ladd: ras goffa Bobby Sands, Felinfach.

8th October: Troop / Herd, >>The Hat Factory, Luton.

2nd October: Eddie Ladd: ras goffa Bobby Sands, Aberystwyth.

24th-29th September: PEAL (festival commission award), >>Expo Leeds.

23rd May: >>Future of Sound (as >>Monomatic), >>The Sage, Gateshead

24th March: >>Future of Sound / Future of Light (with VJ Mondo for body>data>space), Goldsmiths College, London.

18th March: Herd, Cambridge University Computing Laboratory.

16th March: Herd, London Metropolitan University.

14th February: Herd, >>The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk.

27th-28th February: Dare We Do It Real-Time, >>Kinetica Art Fair, London.

12th February: Herd, >>Colchester Arts Centre, Essex.


6th December: Troop, >>Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

10th October - 11 January 2009: Virtual Physical Bodies, >>Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains, Paris.

20th September: Different Skies, Arcosanti, Arizona.

3rd September: monome and sequencer gig, >>(re)Actor3, Liverpool.

23rd April: Staging Sound, Media Art Bath.

19th-20th January: Performance of STKH (choreography: Aydin Teker, dance: Kelly Knox) at >>La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel, Paris.


6th December: Troop, Southbank Centre's Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall.

3rd December: Launch of Bullring Christmas display.

28th November: Troop, The ShowRoom, Chichester University, West Sussex.

23rd November: Troop, The Centre for the Arts, NHC, Hitchin, Herts.

16th November: Troop, The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk.

15th November: Troop, Colchester Arts Centre, Essex.

19th October: Troop, Cambridge.

6th-7th July: Performances of STKH (choreography: Aydin Teker, dance: Kelly Knox) at Merce Cunningham Studio, New York.

10th June: Live set for Soundwaves at >>Kinetica Museum, Old Spitalfields Market.

2nd June: skintouchfeel at Roxy Bar and Screen.

32st March: skintouchfeel: Spring Mix at Roxy Bar and Screen.

17th March: Improvisation with VJ Mondo and >>Bianca Bohl at Roxy Bar and Screen.

13th March: DHCSPH: The Dreaming Harpsichord (with >>Jane Chapman).

15th-18th February: Quartet.


3rd November: Einem performance by Elena Giannotti at Daghdha Space, Limerick.

7th October: skintouchfeel at >>Roxy Bar & Screen, London Bridge.

16th September: >>Different Skies 2006, Arizona.

3rd-6th September: skintouchfeel at >>DRHA 2006, Dartington.

1st-3rd July: Einem performances by Nicole Peisl in Marseille.

25th June: Audiotierra at >>Expo, >>Victoria Baths, Manchester.

3rd June: Baby at >>The Cut, Halesworth.

1st June: Baby at >>The Junction, Cambridge.

16th-23rd April: Triptychos at >>TECHNE digital performance platform, Istanbul.

8th April: mindSpiral, Fiske Planetarium, Colorado.

9th March: The Dark operated for Kiss FM.


19th June: Beach Singularity (SAN), Scarborough.

May/June: Triptychos premiere, Jerwood Space, London.

3rd March: Birds, Bodies.

25th & 26th January: Einem (Nicole Peisl), Sivuaskel, Helsinki.


12th November: CyberMusic performance, Dana Centre.

24th & 25th May: e-Merge, ICA.

Spring: Slattery's Lamp, EV+A (Exhibition of Visual Art), Limerick, Ireland.

24th & 25th February: Ice Dreams Fire, >>New Moves International, Glasgow.


28th-30th October: Ice Dreams Fire at Greenwich Dance Agency (Dance Umbrella 2003).

13th & 14th May: Ice Dreams Fire, Brighton Festival.

3rd March: Interlace, Goldsmiths College.


5th June: Projects/CyberMusic 2002 performance, ICA.

6th & 7th March: Premiere of Duplex, >>Das TAT, Frankfurt, Frankfurt.


20th December: Nodding Dog, Volksoper Wien.




6th November: From the Nest: Jeremy Lorne Inglis (performance), Mat Clements (percussion).

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This is an archive page; the latest information is >>here.

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