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CP Cases EuroRack EMS

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This is an article culled from archive material, circa 1997.

Update, 2006-05-15: the actual manufacturer of the EMS cases is apparently in Finland: >>


The EuroRack cases are Europe's answer to the American SKB's, and are (in my humble opinion) hugely superior. Firstly, they are available in an extra-deep variety, ideal (in fact, essential) for those big modules like the Gearhead/Korg Wavestation A/D, Roland D-550 and Roland MKS-70. Secondly, they stack properly (if fitted with the optional stacking feet). Third, they contain mounting holes on the back as well as the front, incredibly useful for jackbays and power strips. Fourth, the tops are removable, allowing mixers to be mounted across the top of other modules (with an optional top-mounting kit). Fifth, the cases are truly modular: the fronts and sides are constructed from 3U-high panels, so any case can be reconfigured to a multiple of 3U in height.

The EuroRacks don't have the aluminium framing of the SKB's, but there's no evidence that they're any less strong in general, although if the tops are removed they tend to be a little weaker unless something equally solid (such as a Mackie CR-1604) is bolted in as a replacement.

I have five of these cases (two of the standard-depth 400 series, three of the 500 series), with enough assorted spare parts to make up whatever cases I need on a project-by-project basis. The 500's are usually left open for mixers, either the Mackie CR-1604 (shown top-mounted) or the Yamaha DMP7. One of my 400's is reduced to a 3U, on which I can mount the Roland R-8 MK II or an Apple PowerBook 170.

I don't know whether these racks are available in the US (or even elsewhere in Europe), but if you can find the Euroracks, I recommend them over any of the alternatives I've come across. The manufacturers have a >>web site with information about the EMS cases and their other products.

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